Hyundai Motozuma Information

A Motozuma account can be created online in minutes and is completely free to consumers. Once a person joins at they can choose the vehicle they are saving for, their down payment savings
goal and the date when they wish to reach their savings goal. Hyundai will be offering a dollar for dollar matching incentive up to $500 for a consumer that buys a new 2009 - 2011 Hyundai with their Motozuma account.

Here is how the process will work. A consumer with a Motozuma account will come into a Hyundai dealership with a Motozuma Funds Certificate. This Funds Certificate is generated by the account holder on to ready their account for transfer.
At the time of purchase, the consumer and dealership representative will log onto or click the Purchase Vehiclelink at the bottom of the Motozuma homepage ( The consumer will enter the information from their Funds Certificate. The dealership representative will then enter the vehicle and dealership information along with verifying this to be a new vehicle purchase eligible for the Motozuma/Hyundai Matching Incentive Program. Once this information is submitted and verified, the ACH request will then be initiated. The website will then display a printable confirmation form for the dealership’s records showing the amount of Motozuma funds being transferred and the amount of Matching Incentive that will need to be submitted to Hyundai for dealer reimbursement. The dealership must then submit the Motozuma/Hyundai Matching Incentive Claim Form to Hyundai to receive the Matching Incentive.

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