Porter Express Service Center

Porter Express Service Center

Porter Express Service Center

Hyundai Porter Express Service Center

Porter Xpress Service Department

Have you been frustrated in trying to set up an appointment for service or repair? At our Porter Xpress Service Department, there is no need for an appointment. We value your time at Porter Hyundai and offer quick service for certain qualifying auto services. Here are a few of the most commonly used auto services at our Porter Xpress Service Department.

Tire Rotation Icon

Tire Rotation

With tire rotation service, you can improve the tires' longevity and allow them to deliver better performance. Our technicians will reposition the tires and wheels so the tire tread can wear evenly. If you're unsure how often your tires should be rotated, our team can guide you on service intervals for tire rotation.

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Engine Air Filter Replacement Icon

Engine Air Filter Replacement

The engine air filter functions as a key component to keeping the engine protected from contaminants. We can check the condition of the air filter and perform a replacement service if required.

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Bulb Replacement Icon

Bulb Replacement

Our certified technicians can check if the headlights are performing at their peak brightness, or if any other issues require a bulb replacement service.

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Battery Check and Replacement Icon

Battery Check and Replacement

Is your car battery struggling to start the engine, or have you had to jump-start your vehicle? Our technicians can check all battery system components to find and fix any possible issues that might be causing the battery system to underperform. We recommend periodic inspection of the battery system regardless of any indicators of a weak battery.

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Wiper Blade Replacement Icon

Wiper Blade Replacement

As a Hyundai service center, we carry genuine OEM Hyundai parts and accessories, including wiper blades. We can check the frame, rubber, and connectors of the wiper blades to determine if they require a replacement service.

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Tire Pressure Icon

Tire Pressure

We can check the air pressure of the tires to make sure the tires are not under-inflated or over-inflated. We can use air or nitrogen to inflate the tires based on the requirement of the tires and driving conditions.

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Multi-Point Inspection Icon

Multi-Point Inspection Service

In a multi-point inspection at Porter Hyundai, our certified technicians will perform inspection service for several important systems and components of your vehicle. This service will allow our technicians to find and fix any issues with your vehicle.

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Hyundai Express Service in Newark, DE

If you are looking for express auto services for your Hyundai, you are welcome to visit our Hyundai authorized service center of Porter Hyundai. We are located in Newark, DE, and serve several surrounding cities, including Ogletown, Brookside, Elkton, Wilmington, and more. The automotive technicians at our facility are factory-trained and certified to perform a complete range of auto services. The services offered at Porter Xpress Service Department are efficient, reliable, and safe.

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