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Hyundai Wheel Alignment

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If you want to keep your Hyundai performing as it should, then regular checkups and routine maintenance are a must. Like changing the oil and fluids, your wheel alignment needs to be done periodically. Part of a good maintenance schedule is a wheel alignment service. Your car will drive smoother when your wheel alignment is correct, and tires and suspension components will not wear down as quickly. You should trust factory-trained and certified auto techs with Hyundai experience for the best alignment. Your Hyundai will perform better when entrusted with skilled technicians who know your car inside and out. And to avoid premature repairs and added expense, we use genuine Hyundai OEM parts. These components are made to fit and work like the original factory parts that were installed in your Hyundai during manufacturing. OEM parts last longer and perform better than cheaper generic components.


What is a Wheel Alignment?

Maintaining the wheel alignment in Newark will improve your driving experience and optimize the performance of your Hyundai. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose wheel alignment issues during an alignment inspection. The front wheels are checked in a two-wheel alignment service, while a four-wheel alignment service includes the back wheels.

During a wheel alignment service, automotive technicians will adjust the camber, caster, and toe angles of wheels to recommended specifications, ensuring your wheels are pointed straight and tracking correctly. A proper alignment will improve gas mileage and reduce premature wear on the tires and suspension.

Can I Skip Wheel Alignments?

You should not skip wheel alignments. Neglecting this service can get expensive quickly due to repairs and parts that wear out faster than average from a poor alignment. The steering and suspension are negatively affected by faulty tire alignment, and your vehicle may pull to one side compromising safety the longer the issue continues. Another issue is tire wear. Tires are expensive, and a poorly aligned car will wear down tires quicker, meaning more frequent tire changes. It makes sense to get regular tire alignment inspections and services for these reasons.

Hyundai Wheel Alignment

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Contact us at Porter Hyundai in Newark, DE, for a complete Hyundai wheel alignment service. We also serve Wilmington, Elkton, Ogletown, and. Brookside, DE. We have equipped our experienced team of certified automotive technicians with the latest tools and training to handle all of your Hyundai maintenance needs. We look forward to being your first stop in Newark for all of your Hyundai maintenance services.

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